"Mission Directed Marketing"

Our Work Ethic: For years my clients have said to me. " I wish you could make my advertising dollars go further" Today, after being an owner of a larger metropolitan agency, I have decided to make that client wish come true. In October of 1999 I decided to "get small" and opened Soleil Communications Inc., SCI. SCI offers all the services of a large agency, at an affordable price. "My pledge to you is that I will deliver the very best advertising and communications methodology at a price that will be on target with your message and budget."

David A. Purdy, RMP, PTC,
President, Soleil Communications, Inc.

"We offer communications with a Human Touch"

SCI Vision: Hello, my name is Dave Purdy. I have worked in the Marketing Communications Profession since 1982. Working with fortune 500 companies, and with newly formed entities and I have found their needs to be very similar. The biggest difference between the two is that the small company has far less resources to accomplish the task of marketing their businesses and branding their name. Small companies need a partner who understands the unique needs of the small and medium sized business. Soleil Communications, Inc. is a business to business advertising agency. Established to service start up companies, and small to medium size companies, that may or may not have an advertising manager. What ever your communications needs may be,. SCI can tailor an affordable marketing communications plan for you.